Message from Campus Director

When a republic like ours strives for growth and prosperity, it is the leaders who lay the edifice for great institutions. And It is these institutions who create leaders. The question is where are the leaders of tomorrow? – can only answered by the other question –where are the nation building institutions which can create leaders of tomorrow? In times like now, when the nation is on the verge of losing its moral fabric, an educational institution cannot stand as a structure of fossil like a coral reef merely enabling an individual to build a career and earn a living. Rather it should create and bring together individuals rich in integrity, diligence and public duty who have the courage and conviction to build our nation.

Bearing this thought in our minds, we at Kumaun University have toiled hard to create one such institution in the form of the Department Of Management Studies. In the words of an eminent scientist Albert Einstein “We do not run this place; it runs itself. We are a part of this running.” And I can, with great pride and faith state that I am a part of this place, this department. I am delighted to witness the department’s steady progress in the last 23 years. What I consider as incomparable and inimitable is the Departments effort to impart to its students the real essence and meaning of education. The countless private institutions that have mushroomed in the country with business and profit as the building blocks have rendered education meaningless. Even this maze of fractious and raucous minds, I feel relieved by the thought that the Department has never let go the two fold aim of education- creating understanding in the mind of a student and enriching his character.

I congratulate the department, for offering the corporate world not just individuals with business acumen but also, individuals with rare spirit and rare character. I wish Prof. L. K. Singh, his team and the students of DMS, all the luck for this placement season!

Best wishes,

Prof. P. C. Kavidayal
Sir J. C. Bose Technical Campus
Kumaun University